925 Sterling Silver in 18K Gold


ANDALL pieces are made from 925 Sterling Silver/Perak with 92.5% silver and finished in 18K Gold.

These pieces are guaranteed to be: Safe for Sensitive Skin, Anti-tarnish/resistant,Waterproof and Suitable For Daily Wear.

I got it as a gift for my friend because she has sensitive skin! I'm so glad I chose the necklace for her because it looks absolutely stunning!😍 Thanks for those beautiful and sustainable creations, I might buy some for me soon 🙊!


I can't get over the amazing quality of these earrings! So easy to dress up and down and extremely easy to take in and out. I've purchased similar types of earrings from other shops that are nowhere near as easy to put in.


I’m absolutely in love! I have a reallllllyyyyy bad nickel allergy and haven’t been able to wear earrings in almost a decade. Usually my piercing hole bleeds and itches, but not these! These fit my ears perfectly, they’re super comfy too so I never take them off! 100% recommend – I’m in love.


Thank you for your super fast delivery :)!!! Arrived 4 days after ordering even though it's Singapore!!! Awesome Thank you so much I love you 💗


I love these earrings!!!!!!!!!! Such an affordable price for so much sparkle! An easy way to spice up an outfit. Very lightweight and dainty. The clasp is very secure and I don't have to worry about them falling off!


I get compliments on the earrings I bought all the time! They stay shiny, even if i wear them everyday! 😩❤️



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