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Gold hoops, whether large or small, flawlessly round or freeform, with gemstones or all-metal, are one of the most popular earring types. A woman can never have too many gold hoops in her jewelry collection, as more and more stunning styles arise each year. And speaking of great designs, because we adore gold hoop earrings as much as the next person, we've painstakingly handpicked a range of one-of-a-kind hoops. You're in for a treat if you like small hoops or huggies, large hoop earrings or gemstone gold hoops. Scroll down to discover our beautiful variety of gold hoop earrings and find the earrings that are right for you.

Why and where should you buy gold hoops?

Gold hoops are the jewelry pieces that will take your style to the next level with their lively feel and sophisticated shapes. A set of gold hoop earrings may be worn to any occasion and look great with a silk gown as well as a graphic tee and crop jeans. Gold hoop earrings are also quite stylish and comfy to wear. Unlike drop earrings, which can get caught in your hair, gold hoops will never get in your way. And, yes, we think gold hoops are the candy of jewelry. Everything is better now that they are there.

What is the best way to wear gold hoops?

Wear a pair of huge gold hoops for a daring style. The greater the size, the better. Wear your hair half-up, half-down, and accessorize with a thin link chain choker. Wear your favorite lace tank top with high-waisted mom jeans. Your brown suede sandals will round out the ensemble. To finish the outfit, add lip gloss and a delicate gold chain bracelet.

How do you clean gold hoop earrings?

Use a soft jewelry brush to remove dirt from the backing. Using a moist lint-free cloth soaked in warm water, clean the rest of the earring. Dry them off and store them in a separate section of your jewelry box to avoid scratching your gold hoops. Keep them away from water and harsh chemicals and don’t forget to maintain their glamorous shine by having them polished once a year.


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